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Cat Trees are one of the best investments you can make for your cat. Cats are meant to play and be active more than you think. Even the laziest of cats will get some exercise with this tree! Give your cat their own space, with scratching posts and comfy places for them to snuggle or hide.

Exercise and activity are healthy for your cat! you can even place their food or water at the top to make them get their daily exercise if they need it!
Don’t declaw your cat, just give them a healthy outlet! They will love scratching on this instead!
Super easy to assemble or take apart, these cat trees will be your cats favorite place to hang.
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Grey Large Cat Tree


Grey Medium Cat Tree


Small Cactus Cat Tree


Grey House Cat Tree


Large Dark Grey or Brown Cat Tree


Double Safe and Sturdy: Product in size 19.7”X19.7”X60” . The bottom base is reinforced ensure the stability and the safe precaution anchored to the wall prevent tippling over for double safety.

Healthy and Happy: This elegant cat tree has 10 FULLY wrapped scratching posts at different levels covered with high quality natural sisal that can withstand even toughest claws and allow multiple cats to sharpen and trim their nails that keep them away from your expensive furniture. It is equipped with 3 fuzzy toys encourage cat’s prey-like behaviors as pouncing and swatting.

Romping and Climbing: 5 level construction, it satisfy cats’ need to climb and seek different height. They can jump from one level to next and lay down at the highest top perch to observe their surroundings and get a better look out a window.

Resting and Hiding: Cats need to sleep up to 16 hours per day. The elevated perch with raised rim has visual advantage providing a secure place for cats to take a nap while the hammock at bottom provide a wonderful spot to relax. The enclosed and spacious cube provide a privacy and quiet place to snooze and curl up. Also you can hide their favorite treat or toy for them to find


Reasonable and Detachable: Your little “tiger” are fascinated with the fuzzy ball. With the unique design, the dangling ball will be strong enough not to be destroyed. What’s better,the spare replacement is included. The top perch cover is detachable and machine washable so easy to care.







69 in tall Grey with ramps, 69 in tall Beige, 33.5 in tall Gray with square bed, 33.5 in tall Gray with round bed, 33.5 in tall Beige with round bed, 69 in tall Grey without ramps, 54 in tall Gray, 46.5 in tall Grey, 21in tall Cactus with Brown Base, 21in tall Cactus with Green Base


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