Double Lined Cat Litter Trapping Mat


This double lined, waterproof cat litter trapper mat will gently grab all the litter from your kitty’s paws and keep it below the top surface.
The benefits are that once the litter is under the first layer, it can no longer be tracked around the house and can be easily removed/dumped out.
Simply unfasten the velcro and pour the excess litter either back into the litter box or into a trash can.
Offered in a variety of sizes!

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  • Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box

  • EVA material, super light, easy to carry

  • For really messy cats be sure to use puppy pads as they soak excessive urine

  • Super smooth surface, doesn’t bother cat paws like other mats

  • Easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off


    Black 1 & Grey 1:


  • S: 30x45cm, M: 40*50cm, L: 46*60cm(Foldable and Tiled), XL: 55*70cm


  • Black 2 & Grey 2:


  • S: 30x30cm, M: 40x50cm, L: 45x60cm,  XL: 55x75cm

    ​   (if you do not know which size to buy, please take those parameters as reference)

Package included:

  • 1 x Cat Litter Trapper Litter Mat Clean Cat Mat with Water Proof Layer


  • 003005DSC_1379002004DSC_1373





Black 1, Gray 1, Black, Gray, Blue, Brown


30x30cm, 40x50cm, 46x60m, 55x70m


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